24/7 Emergency Service Available Call 877-576-2484

24/7 Emergency Service Available Call 877-576-2484

Mold Removal

Mold Removal and Remediation

Commercial – Residential – Municipal Mold Remediation and Restoration Services

Any structure can rapidly become infested with mold under the right conditions. Whether through a small leak or crack, a spill, or any other source, the introduction of moisture to a space is all it takes for mold to take hold.

Mold can develop and spread in as little as 48 hours. It can produce toxic allergens that have mild to serious negative effects on the health of both humans and pets. For effective mold remediation, you need experts with specialized training and equipment. You need JP Maguire Associates.

Let our trained and certified experts take care of your mold problem and ensure that your infestation is gone for good. Simply killing mold isn’t enough, as dead fungal organisms can still travel through the air and cause harm. We’ll ensure that everything is properly treated to make your space clean and toxic-free once again.

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Our mold services include:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of your property to figure out where the dampness is originating from, which parts have been affected by mold and the extent of the damage
  • Contain the mold so it doesn’t spread further via the HVAC system
  • Use filtration to remove mold spores from the air and to also prevent them from spreading further during the mold removal and remediation process
  • Remove any mold growth from all affected surfaces and a complete cleaning of the previously affected area
  • Remove and clean porous materials that could be concealing any mold spores in your home including the carpets, drywall and objects
  • Removal of any odors left behind after the removal process
  • Restoration work including repairing or replacing drywall, subflooring, carpet or painting